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08 June 2005 @ 11:32 am
So, once again I come back to my lj after a bit of a lapse - but I just need somewhere to ruminate (ruminate is a word, yes? I am so confused today), and I don’t feel the newly-restored board is ready for my self-obsessed ramblings again yet.

So - things that have been happening recently. I graduated – finally – in a fantastic thunderstorm and hail shower (cut to this time last year and Sarah saying ‘if we go for May we’re more likely to get good weather’) – and it was actually a lot nicer than I was expecting. Yes, the ceremony itself was absolute balls unless you like two hours of ‘Susannah Cooke, ex aula Hertfordiensis’ and the like – but the thunder and hail made it distinctly more amusing, and then we were nearly too late back into the Sheldonian because we spent too long trying to work out how hoods are meant to sit and so we had to run…ah, twas amusing. And then I got well and truly soaked afterwards and so all my photos are of a distinctly bedraggled me. But it was really nice to see everyone again – two random engineers from other colleges were there too, and it so didn’t feel like a year since I’d had any contact with them – and of course we PT-ed it in the evening and much drunkenness happened. Good fun. Plus Tony Wilson invited the engineers (and Becky) to SCR dinner on the Friday night, and that was really nice. Also very good food…I never realised Hall actually could do good food when they tried. Venison, anyone? Mmm. And my parents didn’t argue and actually ended up reminiscing about university at one point. Most bizarre. So generally it was a good weekend. Plus I went to G&Ds twice…

I will be putting up some photos of graduation on my photobucket address if anyone’s interested…although I doubt you are. But just in case.

Other stuff - went camping in the Lakes last weekend with other graduates, and that was good fun – walked up nearly onto High Street but then the weather got so bad that we were forced to come back down. Hmm...rain appears to be a theme of this entry. Nice to camp, though – hadn’t in too long. This coming weekend I am going to the Isle of Wight festival with a friend from school - REM are headlining on the Sunday, and it looks (*crosses fingers*) like we might get semi-decent weather, so that should be good…

Oh, and it looks like I may be getting moved to Derby in the next couple of months…it’s looking increasingly likely that the company will sell the Crewe site, and hopefully I keep a job, but get moved to Derby if that happens. Unfortunately I now have furniture and a freezer and the like, and so moving house will not be simple…but I think I’d prefer to live in Derby than here, on the whole.

Hmm. I should really work out how to do one of those cut things one day. Apologies for the rambling.