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24 January 2009 @ 11:31 pm
A disquiet follows my soul online  
 *giggles* And that is what happens when you only idly glance at one of those 'Watch X Online' links.

So, I'm back, and I'm full of tv. I know the season started up again before I went away, but now BSG is back and what with being away for a week I came back online today to 4 whole new episodes of tv. It was absolute bliss. Made even better by the fact that all my shows seem to be somewhere near the top of their game... so, non-spoilery thoughts on January tv watching so far.

Gossip Girl: Still loving this arc. Chuck should get this much screentime all the time, and this week's episode actually made me catch my breath a few times for emotion. D'awww.

How I Met Your Mother: this week's episode was standard and solid, but I'm still on a high from last week's. Neil Patrick Harris' ability to make me laugh and cry within the space of a very few seconds is astounding, and I am a huge Robin/Barney shipper. Was funny this week watching s1 with my friend Gillian (and I got her totally hooked, hah) because she is of course rooting for Robin and Ted to get together... and I am just biting my lips so as not to go no, can't you see where the real chemistry lies?!

BSG: Frakkity. That was an awesome restart. I think I got so used to them revealing like one new thing every 5 episodes that I got almost overwhelmed with new knowledge and thoughts. Which is such an amazing feeling, and I just want it to carry on. I want more revelations, more connections, more stunning shots of pyres and water and dead bodies.

I really (heart) tv. Can I ever thank Keppet sufficiently for making me pay attention to it?
I'd wager all: Gossip Girl: Motherchucker jessibot on January 25th, 2009 12:36 pm (UTC)
So, did you know that GG isn't on this week, and after next week's episode it'll then taking another three week break? Pff! Absurdities.

I didn't mind You've Got Yale, but that's probably only because the Chuck/Lily stuff was wonderfully engaging. Everything else bored me, even Blair. Oh yay, more school manipulations... I thought we were past that. Probably also Chuck's fault.

And I heard u liek mudkips the fifth cylon was revealed? Hmmmm.
Susannah: veronica skittledog on January 25th, 2009 12:44 pm (UTC)
Yup, true dat although actually there was more important stuff going on... heh.

I knew there wasn't an ep this week (HIMYM is off as well, bah) but didn't know about the subsequent hiatus. Grr. Guess it makes sense though as we'll be up to ep 16 by then. The Blair stuff... I think we're going somewhere with it, very slowly, and I like that thought because it gives the potential of a final arc that is about characters I find interesting rather than, say, Serena or Dan. Or freaking hell Rufus (that lovechild better stay well hidden). I found Blair half annoying and half great in this episode because... she's sort of desperate. Only an ep or two ago she was way better than Iz and Penelope, and now she's relying on their judgement? She's always at her best when she's denied every single thing she thinks she wants, and I think that's the way we're heading. Full-on Blair meltdown would be awesome if we get it. Mostly because I want to see how Chuck deals with it... and yeah, the Chuck/Lily scenes all killed me. Fantastic.
I'd wager all: Middleman: Badass MM jessibot on January 27th, 2009 07:52 am (UTC)
Eh, but I'm so bored of Blair threatening to meltdown or go into crisis/war mode or whatever. I have been spoilt by the past few episodes. If only the style of her interactions with Chuck could be applied to other characters.

Whinge whinge, etc.
skittledog on January 27th, 2009 09:35 pm (UTC)
Heh. But uh... yeah. She's Blair. I found her boring entirely until I started to get her (1x04 or 5 I think), and after that I found her silly ploys boring and unworthy of her. I don't see any difference this year except that a) yeah, Chuck has shown us how she can actually be and b) she's failing a lot more regularly, I think. That's why I sort of want meltdown to happen so that we might come out the other side with a Blair who has applied reality to all facets of her life, not just the boyfriend/love one.

Incidentally, I really want to see Serena and Chuck team up to save her from herself. Dan is allowed to tag along if he plays nice.

Hey have Cyrus and Eleanor been on honeymoon for like two months or something? Where are they?
I'd wager all: FMA: Al alone jessibot on January 30th, 2009 10:58 am (UTC)
Making baaaabies. Oooh-ooo~

*snerk* It would be kind of hilarious if Eleanor got knocked up though. And here's me wanting to mess with Blair like everyone else... Sheesh.

I think I'm mostly curious as to what's going to happen next season. The adults will be in NYC, half the kids at Yale, some elsewhere, and some staying put... I wonder if the writers will drop some of the characters or not. I mean, you'd think so, but who knows.

Anyway, I don't think Blair needs saving, and I suspect I will be quite annoyed if it comes to that. It's not such a drastic situation at all. It's just Blair needing to work on some things by herself, sans outside influence. That's how I see it, but of course the show won't. I guess I'm just tired of everything Blair related needing to be so dramatic when it really shouldn't be.
skittledog on January 30th, 2009 11:14 pm (UTC)
Hah, only because she makes it that way.

The thing about her not needing saving... well, it made me think. I agree, on one level, and yet on another... I don't contend that Blair is immensely strong and can definitely fix her more unbearable freaks if she turns her energies on them. I think I just doubt that she will, without outside influence. I think the wonderful person she has been in recent episodes is entirely due to Chuck's influence, and not because Chuck himself makes her better but because he knocks her out of her comfort zone and she can try to be better. Or something... basically, I don't think that a Blair left alone with her obedient little followers has any incentive to change. In fact, she has every defence reinforced and every immature action copied. Chuck gives her a glimpse of a reality she wants, and that helps to turn her away from the hollow fantasies she lives. Without that... perhaps, maybe, she'd get there. But it wouldn't be over a period of time at all satisfying to a tv show. ;)

(I guess the comparison for me is seeing Jack as a Chuck who never had an outside influence. Could have saved himself maybe, but didn't have a reason to.)

It's weird, somehow I keep forgetting next season has to exist. Like I think it'll get cancelled or something (although I have no idea what the ratings are). Then again, time and space are not concepts this show is familiar with, so I'm sure they'll manage a disparate cast just the same as they always do, where Brooklyn is a 2 minute walk from Central Park...
I'd wager all: Middleman: Badass MM jessibot on February 3rd, 2009 05:58 am (UTC)
Catching up on comments time! Well, that and the new ep is downloading and I really must reply before I watch it.

Cute icon, btw. Season 4 started airing here last night (I thought I had seen the first few eps of that, but apparently not). It was cute and fun and I do like Robin rather a lot and so now I'm thinking that maybe I should watch the episodes as they come out online... and that's all your fault, of course. I don't really have time for another show. Hmpf.

Anyway, I really don't know what to say about Blair. You're right in that she will go along with things (up to a certain point) and she is very susceptible to outside influence, but... damnit, I want the fix that takes a long time to achieve. And once she does it entirely by herself she won't be in these overly dramatic and childish situations anymore (or at least with such alarming frequency). Pipe dream, I know.

Heh. And I just saw Jack as an asshole. And he has no charm whatsoever, so he can't possibly be a alter-Chuck. ;)
skittledog on February 4th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
I think Jack could turn on the charm if he wanted to... the same way that Chuck can when insincere but seducing women left right and centre. Yeah, Chuck's got actual true charm, but that stuff goes away over time if you don't use it. Growing up with Bart as your elder brother could hardly be fun, I guess...

The fix that takes a long time to achieve might be possible... if it weren't this show. Or maybe, maybe they can do it if they just keep it under the radar and make the headline events her crazy moments. Maybe. But... for me, nothing is ever going to beat the two-steps-forward-one-step-back stuff in VM for a feeling of reality in character arcs, so I guess I don't really mind since whatever they do will always seem kind of unbelievable in my eyes by default, because it's GG. Odd but there you go.

I (heart) my icon. It's a ref to 4x12, but I didn't think it was particularly spoilery for anyone who watches the show at all. And um... well, I'm not sure I'd recommend watching more eps online if you can watch it on real tv (only s1 ever got showed here; I can't even get R2 dvds of later seasons, which is pissing me off). The few episodes after that first one are not particularly great, also. That one however... so good. I loved the Barney/Lily scenes and it's really weird because that was actually the first episode I watched (well, excepting the pilot which I watched and thought not much of when it was first broadcast here) because I'd heard good things about it this year and decided to just jump into this season. And why I realised it was rather good was that, despite it being like the second scene in the ep and I didn't know who these characters were yet, I was not watching Dr Horrible and Willow - which considering how much both those shows have lived in my head quite impressed me.

This week's ep was an overload of cute and I am still spinning in a little pool of fluffy happiness. Hee.