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Conformity - it's the one who is different that gets left out in the cold

Okay, I think I figured out the two main reasons I like HIMYM. Not the reasons it sucked me in exactly, or even what I think are the best parts of it, but the gluey things that make it a show I enjoy watching even when they're having a bit of a naff episode. And these two things are things where it is quite different from Friends. I mention this only because so many places insist on comparing the two, and whether it's The New Friends or Just a Lamer Version of Friends or whatever, I don't care, because I know they're different because I don't actually like Friends that much.

[shocked silence]

Yeah whatever. I watched most of all 10 seasons, it has a place in my life just by virtue of being there during my teenage years, and I'll always have a soft spot for it because of watching it with university friends and wine as a weekly ritual. But honestly, it isn't really my kind of thing, and always seemed to be trying too hard to really amuse me. Whereas HIMYM goes really over the top.... and amuses me. So how does that work?

Well, I have two answers.

1) The characters are intelligent. Sounds like either a stupid or a snobbish thing to say, but it's not. I can imagine having the HIMYM gang as my actual friends and not wanting to throttle them all the time. I almost believe they can actually hold down the jobs they supposedly have (well, perhaps not Ted, but the rest of them yes) and they enjoy themselves bouncing off each other's wit. These are people who I actually want to like me, not people where I'm sorta grateful to be on the other side of the Atlantic.

2) The humour is kind. And this, really, is a big one. I hate - and have always hated, without fully knowing why - humour that relies on humiliation. On a character not knowing something embarrassing that we know, on a central character with a huge ego to be mocked, or on a fall guy always being there to be laughed at. I've never been a fan of that kind of comedy - I have sometimes had to leave the room during Frasier because it relied on it so much. I've now watched 53 episodes of HIMYM (only s2 to go) and just bumped into the first scene of this type today. I had to look away from the tv. But! It was quite short, it was actually executed fairly realistically, and the purpose of it wasn't so we'd laugh at the person who'd been tricked - it was so we'd laugh at the trickster later getting tricked in return.

And those two factors together? Make them feel like not only a real group of friends, but one I'd want to belong to. Which - yay.

In other news, and very tangentially related to the title (which is a motivational poster from Barney's office), I just went out for a walk in the snow and freezing fog. Brrrrr. I think it's time for a hot chocolate... and maybe I shall add some amaretto to it too. Mmm.
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