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09 May 2009 @ 05:32 pm
In absentia  
I've been quiet. Work's been busy. I've been frustrated/tired/furious/drained/manic. All at once, quite often.

But none of that stops me messing around and deciding to have a clear-out of my icons. I did love some of my old ones and they may well make a re-appearance at some point, but for now as I only have space for 6 they've all gone. Gene is impressed I picked him, I can tell.

Lazy Saturday afternoon. Messing around on t'internet. Trying a free download of a chapter of the game Sam & Max at Keppet's prodding. I suck at computer games. Now listening to the Decemberists because of jes, oops. Eating chocolate eggs sent to me by Gillian along with my HIMYM 2 and VM 3 dvds. (Clarification: not eating dvds.) Is it bad that HIMYM went straight into the player for a little rewatch, whilst VM is still sitting by the envelope? I tell myself I must do a full VM marathon soon. It might kill me, but I must.

Should probably go fetch my laundry in from the line soon. Can't quite lose the tension of the week and keep hating myself for wasting my weekend but I have been so busy on recent ones that I hugely needed a chilled out one. Two choir services tomorrow, so that'll go fast.

And then... what day comes after Sunday? No... sorry, I can't quite hear you...
(Deleted comment)
Susannah: veronicaskittledog on May 10th, 2009 11:56 am (UTC)
Actually I dug up both Hazards of Love and Castaways and Cutouts because you weren't as totally responsible as I made out - it was both your mention and the fact that I googled a song used in HIMYM that I liked and found out that was them too (unsurprisingly, Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect). So that decided me to go investigate further. Have only listened to each album once through so far, but I can definitely see stuff in there that I expect to like when it's had a chance to grow on me. Lyrics... well, lyrics. I have a bit of an odd relationship with lyrics. I think it's because I cut my musical teeth on REM, but I a) expect good lyrics as a basic and b) if I can't hear them, I prefer to eventually figure them out through a natural process of listening more and suddenly picking them up. Reading lyrics flat on a page does not compare to hearing the inflection and musicality of them in their proper place. Or something, I dunno - anyway, result is I prefer not to look up lyrics until I already know the songs well enough to hear them to the music as I read them. By which time I've usually picked up 90% anyway. I did notice some very good stuff lyrics-wise at the start of Hazards of Love, yes, but then I got distracted as the rest played... *tries to remember why*... oh yeah, I think the lyrics of Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect ('here I dreamt I was a soldier, and I marched the streets of Birkenau') made me go off on a wikipedia crawl and I read the whole page on Auschwitz-Birkenau and felt thoroughly ill afterwards. Hmm.

Oh, and I had to keep a Veronica icon, and really the previous one had the same expression - that secret smile she has when she's flattered or pleased but trying not to show it. I love it. And her. Need a rewatch...
(Deleted comment)
skittledog on May 12th, 2009 10:01 pm (UTC)
Nah, not really. Well, not for me anyway... I dunno, I go out of my way to immerse myself in bad stuff sometimes. Don't quite know why but it both fascinates me and makes me think Serious Thoughts (which is good when my brain is filled with Blairish fluff). And also I feel like I owe it to the 1.1 million people who died there somehow... like I should follow through on finding out about such things. *shrugs* whatever. Probably just my weird brain. Today at lunchtime I read about the rise of Chinese communism, the Long March and Chairman Mao. Wikipedia is my friend.

And hmm, maybe I shall dig the lyrics up the next time I listen to the album and do it that way. That could work. Otherwise it'll probably be quite a while before I'm able to listen to it in seclusion and/or on headphones to really listen to the words. But this morning I surprised myself by suddenly figuring out something that an REM song I have loved for 8 years is actually about. Like... I'd never really needed a meaning for that song before, just gone with its atmosphere and little sentiments that spoke to me but suddenly on the way to work this morning it all came together and presented to me the mess of religion vs atheism vs just being a person and trying to find a meaning to life somewhere, anyhow... it was rather nice. Dunno if it's what they intended but suddenly it was rather grand.

And yeah, Veronica's awesome. That Metallicar is rather well posed too, though. Heh. And I shall have... pouty Blair!